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Sell us your bike parts or your old bikes

You want to sell us your bike parts directly, it is possible today!

For that nothing more simple you have two solutions:

  • Send us your request by clicking on this link and then choose "sell your parts" in the drop-down menu "Subject Heading", then you can write us a description and add photos.
  • Alternatively, send us an e-mail explaining what you want to sell to:


How is a sale going ?

Once we agree on the parts to sell and the sale price, a sales contract is sent to you by email, you find there a summary of the sale, the purchase price, the payment methods, these documents are to be completed and signed by both parties.

Once this step is completed, you can send the parts according to the terms of the contract, upon receipt of the parcel, we take a 24 hours to verify the conformity of the goods received, if everything is in accordance, the payment is made in these same 24 hours worked.

You wish to buy items in our shop, we can pay you in voucher valid on our shop, in bonus you get 15% more on the amount due, for example you sell us for 100 € of material and you decide to be settled by voucher, we credit your online account with a voucher of 115 €.